Dear Members,

The City-Parish will introduce an ordinance to increase permitting fees. Attached is a comparison of revenues generated from the current EBR fee schedule, Jefferson, Orleans, Livingston Parishes and the City of Central.

City-Parish intends to propose a revenue increase to the levels found in Jefferson Parish. According to the City-Parish, the present fee structure fails to cover the actual cost of the permitting department to the tune of $1.2 million.

EBR estimates that by duplicating the Jefferson Parish fee schedule there would be an estimated increase of fees by $1.9 million. This proposal assumes that the third party provider will receive a portion of the fees. This is described in the proposal as a "margin of error."

City-Parish has also provided a Draft Implementation Action Plan describing proposal improvements in the permitting process. The Growth Coalition received the attached information on Friday. We are requesting members to provide this office with your input concerning these proposed changes.

The Metro Council in its July meeting will consider this proposal.

Please provide to our office any comments concerning these proposed changes.

You may respond directly to our office by this link.