Here's what will affect development in Ascension Parish


Dear Members,

There are many items that cause concern on tonight's Ascension Parish Council Agenda. No final action will take place in tonight's discussion; however, highlighted below are a few things that I feel will affect development the most in Ascension Parish. Links are provided below. 
Drainage Impact Study Procedure:

  1. Pre-Development Map:  This will now require an existing topographic survey to go along with the Drainage Impact Study.

  2. Section 4. f.:  This section requires that you get fill mitigation credits from the peak 100-year water surface to the Base Flood Elevation.  The pond sizes in some cases are increased greatly, as you are basically providing fill mitigation for two 100 year storms.

Appendix V:

  1. Section 17-507: Limitation of fill to 3 feet maximum. This does not matter if you are in a flood zone or not.  This is total fill above and below the Base Flood Elevation, you will essentially be only able to fill 2' below the Base Flood Elevation.

  2. Section 17-509:  This section requires the HOA or developer to post a bond in perpetuity for the maintenance of all privately owned stormwater items and the amount will be arbitrarily set by the Parish. Please let your questions and concerns be known to the council members.