Frank Duke, with the Planning Commission has requested feedback from our members on two issues. First being the Chapter 4 - Site Plans and Plats. Please see Frank's message and link to the proposed changes below.
We have been internally (Planning Commission and Development Department staff) trying to clean up Chapter 4 for most of the past 18 months; the current version has multiple inconsistencies with the version of Chapter 11 recommended by the former Zoning Advisory Committee in 2017 as well as numerous internal inconsistencies. We finally have a draft (attached) that is ready for external review. The majority of the changes eliminate duplication, resolve inconsistencies, clean up references to other provisions of the UDC, and attempt to locate items in chronological order.

There are a few substantive changes, as follows:

  • Notification requirements are expanded to be uniform across all processes

  • Approval process for expansions of multi-family projects are clarified

  • Specific scale requirements for preliminary plats are eliminated in favor a legibility requirement

  • References to Chapter 12, Open Space, are added

  • Period of validity of a preliminary plat extended to three years

  • Extension of preliminary plat for six months after construction plan approval made automatic

  • Planning Director authorized to extend preliminary plat by one year in extenuating circumstances

  • State requirements regarding the approval or disapproval of major subdivisions are incorporated into the UDC

  • Provisions for flag lots recommended by ZAC in 2017 are incorporated

  • Provisions for townhome developments recommended by ZAC in 2017 are incorporated

***Please provide to our office any comments concerning these proposed changes***.

Secondly, please find attached the final version of the revisions to Chapter 12, Open Space, (a markup and a clean version) that were agreed to by the working group in December. Frank Duke wanted to ensure that the Members of the Growth Coalition had another chance to get further feedback on the changes before we go to public hearing. Duke would like to give the text of the proposed revisions to the Planning Commission on January 22 for hearing on February 18, so if you have comments/ want to propose additional changes, I need to know no later than the close of business on January 15.

***Please direct any comments to the Growth Coalition office.***